Creative Camp: Seminar/Lectures/Workshop/Exhibition/Book
Designing an Agenda, or, How to Avoid Solving Problems That Aren’t

Research focus:
Service and information design in the fields of health care and sustainable transport

The lectures and workshop introduced participants to both the theory and practice of service and information design. The results can be seen at Ljubljana Town Hall: 27. 5.-9. 6. 2013.

Short brief:
In lectures and a workshop, following Louis Sullivan’s other natural law, we have seek out and deal with the true problems, with a focus on the fields of sustainable transport and health care. For if we believe Sullivan (“Every problem contains and suggests its own solution”), when we discover and define the true problems, the solutions present themselves. But the challenge does not end there. Along with recognizing and defining solutions, the challenge in the final phase has been to redesign the newly discovered problem in the workshop – and to redesign it so the proposed solution opens up new spaces of research, new (and, if possible, still unknown) potential uses.

The structure of the Camp:

  1. A one-day seminar (lectures, presentations, case studies, and discussions on selected topics) – April 10th 2013.
  2. Workshops, presentations, testing, co-designing, discussions, and evaluations of new developed or improved services with experts, decision-makers, young professionals, freelancers, creative groups and initiatives, start-ups, SMEs, NGOs, and professionals from the service sector, both public and private based, research institutes, and students – April 11th –12th 2013.
  3. Summarizing and presenting the results (exhibition and book) – May 27th – June 9th 2013.