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The Brumen award for web applications is ours!
The jury: Roger Black (president), Anette Lenz, Alice Twemlow, Oliver Reichenstein and Nedjeljko Špoljar has written:

A to B: Ljubljana

Here is a well-designed smart phone app that is not simply canned content—it’s a true application. It interactively shows you around town, building on a standard mapping database. It adds live schedules of public transit for interactive way-finding, including self-service bikes. The design is clear and highly usable.
a-b-ekipaA to B team (from left to right): Barbara Predan, Luka Penger, Matej Bukovinski, Tina Pezdirc Nograšek, Sebastian Žetko, Petra Černe Oven

About the mobile application
The A to B: LJ mobile app (iOS) provides detailed information on three types of sustainable public transportation in the city of Ljubljana: bikes (the BicikeLJ cycle hire), buses (the Ljubljana City Public Transport) and walks. How does it work? We enter our current / starting location (A), designate our destination (B) and voilà!, a selection of BicikeLJ, bus and walking routes – furnished with duration, distance and concise directions – are displayed.


The app (is):

  • user-friendly
  • well designed
  • informative (designed to save time)
  • offers a number of suitable routes and helps in choosing the best one
  • sustainable
  • free of charge

How it works (pdf)
The first concept of the app (pdf)

Category: Navigation

The app was designed by Sebastian Žetko
Developed by the Guerrilla Code (Luka Penger and Matej Bukovinski)
RDA LUR project manager: Tina Pezdirc Nograšek, MA
Produced by Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RDA LUR)

The app was conceptualized during the »Designing an Agenda, or, How to Avoid Solving Problems That Aren’t« creative camp in April 2013
Idea by: Sabina Bakula, Urška Kadunc, Urša Kisovec, Anja Kozlan, Sebastian Žetko
Mentors: Dr Petra Černe Oven and Dr Barbara Predan (Pekinpah Association and the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana)
Organization: RDA LUR and the Pekinpah Association

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